the T. U. U. 
Moles Society
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This page shows a sampling of images from 
the Society and its activities under Hobart 
city and in Tasmanian caves

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exploring a stormwater drain

Above: A long stormwater drain

Below: Visiting a stormwater tunnel
under Hobart city's CBD

under Hobart

Below: Also under the city, a diverted tunnel 
section of the Hobart rivulet beneath
the Queens Domain Cenotaph  

Below: an "O"-day flyer advertisement
using a humorous pun theme 
adapted from a medical advisory

a Moles flyer 

under the cenotaph




Right: Society members in Mystery Creek Cave,
a day-trip in southern Tasmania



visiting a cave
a tight cave passage


Left: A keen Norwegian member negotiating a   
    tight, bendy passage in Honeycomb Cave,
Mole Creek, northern Tasmania.






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