Top 4 things to do in Mole Creek, Tasmania, Australia

Mole Creek is one of the finest destinations you can get to in the central north of Tasmania, Australia. The town offers a lot of spectacular attractions for lovers of adventure.

Of the many things you can do in this amazing town, the following are the top 4.

1. Visit the Caves

There are very many exciting caves that you can find in and around the town. The Mole Creek Caves offer the perfect locations for exploring natural formations and adventure caving. Among the caves you will find around Mole Creek are:

  • Marakoopa Cave
  • King Solomon Cave

2. Go Rock Jumping and Swimming

The natural rock formations adorned with several streams and springs offer the ultimate opportunity for people who love swimming in the wild. There are many local spots where you can go swimming, rope swinging, and rock jumping. The locations are also carefully designed with blocks, planks and other facilities that make the experience worthwhile.

3. Go Hiking

For an exciting bushwalking expedition, you can count on Mole Creek to provide you with unlimited natural greenery, forests, and wilderness. The hiking locations in the town are perfect for both family and solo expeditions. Those who might want to camp also have the option to do so as there are enough amenities around.

4. Explore the Great Western Tiers Sculptures

All Mole Creek visitors who love art will get a chance to explore exceptional artwork in the form of sculptures that has existed for several thousand years. The famous Sculptures of the Great Western Tiers offer a depiction of the history of the area and also capture the essence of the town itself.

There are several other things you can do in Mole Creek including visiting the national park, visiting the honey factories, watching exotic flora, and fauna or just enjoying local food. The town offers such a diverse selection of activities and you will not have a dull moment while there.

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